Aaron Beck

Blimp Rizzy handbags

Blimp Rizzy, Columbus, Ohio - January 01, 2013

The Colette: The Colette ("koh-LED-ee")—in navy blue, warm burgundy, and heavily creamed coffee—loves to bring some hot-penny heat to a stack of lotto scratch-offs. Pairs well with Jack and Coke and salami and provolone on white.

Overview of Michelle Maguire's Blimp Rizzy Collection: Named after my Italian-American grandpa's best friend, the late, great Elio 'Blimp' Risaletti — Blimp Rizzy is a line of limited-edition, minimalist clutches that don't skimp on the sass and pop. Elegant yet sturdy and eye-popping yet utilitarian, each looker of a clutch blends modern flair and timeless cool.

Blimp Rizzy